Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Two Weeks

I can't believe Maddie is two weeks old today!  I noticed her little fingers are filling out and getting bigger, and I almost cried.  My little girl is already growing up!  

Here's what she thinks of that:But she's not too big for this:


  1. Amy,

    Jennifer forwarded this. Maddie is a doll! How precious... so happy for you guys. I know the sleepless nights are worth it and will hopefully end soon. - Darlene

  2. Oh my gosh she looks just totally beautiful!! She truly is not a cute baby, but a beautiful baby - and....you're not looking too shabby yourself two weeks post delivery.

    Keep it up mommy!


  3. She's so precious!!! I enjoyed reading the adventures of new mommyhood! Congrats!