Saturday, October 30, 2010

Party Time

Yesterday Mommy and Daddy made me put on my Halloween costume again.

I was outraged!

Daddy told me that little fairy princesses got to eat cookies, and that made things better, so then I went to the party.

Apparently dragons get to eat cookies, too.

And farm girls.

But I still wasn't really happy and so I got to get naked at the party. Then Mommy took me home.

Today, you wouldn't believe it, but my parents put me in the costume AGAIN! But then they gave me another cookie and we headed out to the neighborhood Halloween party. They're getting pretty good at this bribery stuff.

I decorated a treat bag with Mommy. We used crayons and stickers, but then I got glue on my hand and that was icky.

There were a lot of people. It was overwhelming and I kind of just wanted to go home.

But Mommy said, "Not yet," so I decorated a cupcake and ate it. Nom nom nom.

Then my friends Ty and Sophie played ring around the Maddie and I loved it!

I kind of have a little crush on Ty. He's three!

Finally, we went home. I didn't even protest a ride in the stroller. Party's are so tiring!

Who knows what's going to happen tomorrow. I bet they make me wear my costume again. There better be some good cookies, too.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Wanna be a Winner?

Do you see that baby icon countdown thing on the right? Notice how it says 30 days left? Hmmmm. I don't think so. This kid is almost done cooking. So, what date do you think baby boy Bailey will make his appearance? And how much do you think he'll weigh? The winner (closest without going over, Bob Barker style) will win something that I make. No guarantees on what that might be. Cookies? Some laundry detergent? A tote bag? A handmade card? Who knows - and no guarantees on when you'll get it - but you'll win SOMETHING.

So leave a comment and let me know when you think he'll arrive and how much he'll weigh.

The stats: He's due 11/23. I'm bigger than I was with Maddie. Maddie was born the gestational equivalent of TODAY (but I was induced) and she was 7lbs 6oz. I've been having contractions pretty regularly since Tuesday night, but nothing that's led to active labor. He's been told to wait until 11/2 so I can deliver at the birth center (otherwise we'll be at the hospital because he'll be less than 37 weeks).

Ready? Set? Guess his birthday and weight!

Saturday, October 16, 2010


How'd you spend your Saturday night? I bet it wasn't as exciting as mine - I spent mine bedazzling this "Big Sister" shirt for Maddie.
Annoyingly, the stupid Darice rhinestone heat setting tool I bought didn't actually pick up the rhinestones, so setting the whole thing was a heck of a lot more difficult than I had planned. I think Dakota wanted me to abandon the project, but that was absolutely out of the question. Just to get the plain pink shirt I had to chase a half-naked toddler around H&M - clearly, I had too much invested to walk away.

Meanwhile, Dakota is at Max's for Viraj's bachelor party. Somehow, this doesn't seem quite fair.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A Perfect Day

Yesterday we all went to Tracie and Kevin's picturesque wedding in Havre de Grace, Maryland. The setting was amazing and tears filled my eyes when I heard "There is Love" playing softly during the unity candle lighting. Again at the end of the ceremony, my heart caught in my throat as I heard the words, "You may kiss the bride," - but not because I was feeling all warm and fuzzy - though I was.
It was because my lovely, sweet, eighteen-month old's face had just crumpled in an end-of-the-world kind of way, and I knew what the wailing that was about to be unleashed would sound like. I grabbed her very quickly and tossed her in a tight bear hug against my shoulder, which luckily enough stopped the torrent of emotion that was about to be unleashed. Apparently she was devastated that Kevin is now officially a taken man.

I love how absolutely happy and unposed Kevin and Tracie are in this photo. Maddie loved the flower petals that were raining down on them.

After the ceremony was over, Maddie was a little distraught that no one was picking up the petals. "Ugh oh!" So she began picking them up.

She walked down the aisle for the first time, too.

She had such a good time that when we got home she kept saying "happy" and pointing to herself.

Dakota, Maddie, the bump, and I all had a wonderful time and we felt honored to be a part of Kevin and Tracie's special day!
the 4 of us

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Party Girl

These two are just too cute. All of the time!

Friday, October 8, 2010



Today my friend Fiona came over to play and we had SO much fun.

I really wanted her to wear the purple headscarf. I even waited patiently while her Mommy tied it on her head.

But she wanted to wear it like this.

Or maybe she didn't want to wear it at all.
But I thought the whole thing was just hilarious! I am so funny!

No, wait. YOU are so funny!

I'm gonna be SO good at dress-up.

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Today we ventured out on our annual pumpkin patch visit! It seems impossible that Maddie's old enough to have gone there twice, and that this time it was her taking us around the farm.

She was feeling a bit under the weather and so she's not quite as smiley as she was last year, but she still had a fun time investigating all of the pumpkins.

Until she found the PERFECT pumpkin.

Then she played in the hay maze (toddler-version, that is). She was a little apprehensive at first...DSC_0114

but she got over that pretty quickly.DSC_0105DSC_0101DSC_0125

After checking out the market, enjoying some fried apple fritters, and buying some delicious apple cider, Maddie was DONE. We never made it to the actual pumpkin patch, but there's always next year.DSC_0080