Saturday, April 4, 2009

Naked Day

Dakota went to Babies R Us and picked up Maddie's new playmat.    I'm impressed that he came home with the right one because there was a cool space playmat right next to the floral one you see in the picture (the one we registered for) and he was very tempted by it.  

At the moment we're enjoying Maddie's nakedness a lot because we've used all of her clothing on her and the brand new washer and dryer aren't quite ready to wash and dry our clothes yet!  The plumber is coming over tonight to hook up the hot water line and the gas line, and then the fun really begins as the pile of laundry is outrageous.  Anyone wanna come over and help?

Madeleine is still eating every two hours (or less!) and while this is wonderful news for Project Feed Madeleine, it's tough on me.  Each feeding takes between half and hour and an hour, and then there's only an hour left until the next feeding.  This is ok during the day, but the night?  I'm pooped, and I feel guilty sleeping during the day (I know, I know, nap when they nap - but I feel like I should be more productive!).  Dakota has been encouraging both of us to sleep, and we did take a very nice nap today.  And for your viewing pleasure, Maddie's bright blue eyes!


  1. Your #1 job is to feed that baby! It sounds like you're doing a great job. Sleep as much as you can an don't feel bad about it. Your body is still trying to rest after giving her life! She is beautiful. I'm so happy she's out of the hospital and healthy. She's just gorgeous. Lots of Love, Carla

  2. Amy..she is adorable! It is hard to believe that this little person lived inside of you. I look at Brooke and think the same thing. Brooke is getting big...we can see it already. She usually likes her baths...we started out sponge bathing but now she is in her little spa tub. She likes the warm water.
    She will be making her debut on Easter..her first real trip away from home so I hope it goes well.
    Oh, and as far as the laundry, I do about a load a day. Little people make lots of
    Have a good day!
    Tiffany and Brooke

  3. Amy,

    What a darling baby! She's got to be the cutest ever! Are you planning on bringing her to church soon? I want to meet Madeleine.

    Sounds like things are going well. I'm glad sweetie pie is eating well and messing up her clothes, all normal--LOL!


  4. I know it's hard. Man, that was my issue with Brady, except I thought that because he was eathing so much I didn't have enough - little did I know it was totally normal. It's just a bit of a bummer for you in the meantime. Eventually it will slow down though, for sure. She is gorgeous and I am glad to see that she is gaining all her weight back.
    Love you all tons,