Friday, July 31, 2009

Smiles, Giggles, and Drool

Maddie just had her four month check-up, and at 16lbs,5oz and 25.5 inches, she's in the 95th percentile for both height and weight!  I'm thinking she's not gonna be a shorty like her Mom.  But, as proof that some of my genes are mixed in there, the child can flip her tongue up on its side!  Dakota can't do this, so though she may look like Daddy, she's got the tongue thing from Mom.  And that's important.  

Now, for some cuteness (which I know is why you all are here, so...):

Happy Morning Madeleine, excited to be awake!

Introspective Madeleine, taking time to smell, er, eat the flowers.

Cuddly Madeleine, enjoying a quick snuggle with Mommy.  She really like to lick the wraps...

Outfit One Baby, the way Mommy likes the dress...

...and the way Maddie likes the dress.

Sunshiney Madeleine, ready to go to the library! (Though in reality, we didn't make it that day because Maddie spit up on me three times, and after three changes of each of our clothes, we'd pretty much missed story time).

Playbaby Madeleine, drooling her way to happiness.

Sleepytime Madeleine, napping in a wrap.  Isn't she just the sweetest thing ever?

Bouncy Baby, testing out the jumparoo.  She's still not sure what to make of it.

Baking Baby, helping momma make nummy brownies.

Playtime Madeleine!  Maddie and Daddy play "Madeleine Crushes Tokyo," where Maddie gets to stomp all over...everything.  Her shirt depicts a monster trying to hitch a ride to Tokyo.  Thank you, Threadless.

Daddy's Girl, wrapped up for an evening walk!

Chillin' Baby, takin' it all in like a big girl in her Bumbo.  Pardon the rolls - she's a growing girl.  And pardon the nakedness; it's hot here.

Grumpy Evening Madeleine, soothing herself with her thumb.

All Tuckered Out Madeleine, getting ready for her evening massage.  How come I don't get a massage every night?

Rinse, lather, and repeat...and that's pretty much our life!  

And a side note, we're all about skyping now, so if anyone wants to see Maddie in action, we can book a conference call for you.  Hurry; her datebook's filling fast, because as you can see, she's one busy four-month-old.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Celebrating in Style

Maddie had so much fun on the fourth of July!  
There was a great outfit to wear...

...people to hold her...

...fireworks to watch with Daddy...

...and yummy arms to suck on...

What a great night that was!  Madeleine hopes your 4th of July was as fun as hers!

PS - Maddie would like you all to know that she loves your comments, so if you're reading, let her know how cute you think she is.  She hears it a lot, but really, one can never have too many compliments.  

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

A Few Words From Maddie

Madeleine wants to tell you about what she's been up to.  I'll translate for you, since I just totally get her.

Gaaaaab eeee!

This is the coolest toy ever!  Except sometimes it hits me in the head and I don't know why!!!

Eeeeebbbbb bbbb bbb. 

I can hold two things at once.  Mommy and Daddy say I'm super talented.  I know that.

Gggggg bb.

Daddy says  I'm a vegetarian and that vegetarians don't eat giraffes.  This is what I think of that.  Hmph.



Mmmm bbb.

My hand is so yummy.  Why doesn't it all fit though?  I'll try again.


Why the flashing?  Always the constant flashing!


Shower time with mommy rocks! I'm just so happy!

Eeee eee eeeeeeeb.

Why you touchin' my chin? 


Silly people.  Why do they bother putting clothes on me?  



Gah eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Brrrrr.

This was the best part of my first time swimming!  That water was coooooold.  Brrrr.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Last Visit

I'm so behind, but here are the pictures from Maddie's visit with her Grandma R., Uncle Kenny, and Aunt Katrina.  They came out over Memorial Day weekend and we had a wonderful time!  Maddie did a great job at lots of restaurants like Golden West, Iggies, and The Fractured Prune.  Come to think of it, we all spent a lot of time eating! (What a surprise...)

Grandma was excited to hold her one and only grandbaby!

Maddie and Ken were both a little nervous about each other, but they both did a great job of holding and being held!

Katrina and Maddie quite enjoyed each other's company!