Saturday, September 26, 2009

Wild Ride

Sometimes Maddie has a hard time going to sleep because she just doesn't want to miss anything.  We've tried to convince her that we're boring and we stay boring when she goes to bed, but she doesn't quite believe us.  One night, in a desperate act to both keep her from crying and wear her out, Dakota put her on his shoulders.  The giggles began almost immediately - huh huh huh, huh huh!  Huh huh huh, huh huh!  

Now she'll never believe us that we don't do anything interesting once she's in bed.

Food for Thought

Maddie's been spending a lot of time playing with her food, er, refining her palate.

So far she's sampled rice cereal (she's a fan), applesauce (not a fan), bananas (she appears to be allergic), and sweet potatoes (which may have also caused an allergic reaction, or she might have still been reacting to the bananas).  We're trying peas tomorrow (if I get my act together and go make them).  As for the allergies, Madeleine's been referred to Hopkins for allergy testing at their earliest convenience (which happens to be April of 2010). 

Friday, September 25, 2009

Baby Dedication

Maddie's baby dedication was September 5.  There was a little slideshow ofthe first 5 months of her life, and then Pastor Ann led a responsive reading about our commitment to raising Maddie.  At least, I think that's what it was about, because as ridiculous as it sounds, the silk dress Madeleine had on (totally adorable) made her REALLY slippery and I was terrified I was going to drop her.  I wish I hadn't been so preoccupied, as baby dedications generally move me to tears pretty easily, but I really shouldn't be surprised that Maddie kept me from noticing what was going on around me.  It's a common theme in our house.  As for how she did?  She LOVED being on stage.  She was grinning from ear to ear and adored being the center of attention.  She may look like Daddy, but there's definitely some Momma in her.