Saturday, January 29, 2011

Grandpa's Little Helper

"Fix it!"


"Here, lemme help."

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Spot the Differences

Can you spot the differences?

Well, there's the obvious that one pic was taken on the floor and one was taken on the ottoman...and one is a full body kitty cuddle, and one is just a little cuddle...oh, and the top one is Gavin and the bottom one is Maddie (Zoe plays herself in both photos).

Oh, and Maddie was 10 weeks old and Gavin is 7 weeks old.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Isn't He Marvelous?

Thanks to Miranda for taking more beautiful pictures of my adorable kiddos!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Someone put this Howdy Cow up on our listserve because their kid wasn't into it. I was pretty sure Maddie would be, and as you can see by her glee, I was right. We brought it into the house with her saying, "Cow! Cow! Cow! Cow!" I gave her the cow, which she'd never seen before. She immediately put him on the ground, climbed on and began bouncing away, chanting, "Bouncy! Bouncy Bouncy!"

Costco Tradition

I think we may have created a new tradition. It may not be as exciting as Christmas in July, SnowFudge, or the Birthday Eve poem, but it's a lot of fun! First, we go to Costco. Ok, not a promising start. Then, we go to Trader Joe's (still not impressed? They have samples and give out stickers!). Then the real fun begins.

Sharing a Fatburger shake with our favorite little girl...

and enjoying some skinny fries...

...with ketchup, of course!

Gavin sleeps through most of the outing, but surely he'll enjoy it more later. Who doesn't like a good shake and fries?

Friday, January 14, 2011


So basically Gavin was born and our world got pretty busy! The month of December flew by while we adjusted to night wakings (ok, while I adjusted), more laundry, and an increasingly demanding toddler. Christmas was upon us before we knew it, and while we've been meaning to share our holiday with you, we've been in a bit of a fog. But, here it is! The Bailey Holidaze 2010. Presented in 2011.

Maddie was not quite sure what to make of the stocking, but she knew it was a sock, so she took off the ones on her feet and tried to put the stocking on.

She soon figured out there was stuff inside the stocking - just for her!

And it wouldn't be Christmas if Maddie didn't get a spoon, so...

Of course, much love was lavished on the Elmo magna-doodle.

There had to be just a little toddler drama...

...but it was nothing that sending her under the tree for another present couldn't solve.

Gavin was just hanging out while Maddie tore through her presents and his.

And tear through them she did!

The surprise winner of the day were the Plan Toys cars, trucks, and bus. I asked if I could see one (you know, to play with it), and this is as close as I got:

Maddie also got to work decorating with her new snowmen stickers...

And by the end of Christmas day, everyone was exhausted, especially Daddy and Gavin.

We hope you had as wonderful a day as we did!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011


A lap and a life so full of love.

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Maddie's Aunt Katrina and Uncle Kenny came to visit us in November. They were hoping to meet the boy, but he had other plans! They brought Maddie a set of Dr. Seuss board books, and she loved them. Later, they gave her another present that was the same size as the package of board books...

Ooooh, a present!

What could it be???

Awww, man!

Maddie is very honest. To a fault. For the record, her present was some cool placemats that she can draw on! But when you're expecting books, I can understand the disappointment.

Dragonfly Designs

This was the best Christmas present I gave. My mother-in-law asked for a tote, and I've purchased them for her on etsy before, but with my newly acquired sewing skills I thought to myself, "Self, you could make that!" So I did. I can't even explain how impressed I was with myself. Now I just hope it doesn't fall apart right away...

Upon finishing it, Dakota urged me to make a tag for it. So using my Cricut, I made a cute little tag and put Dragonfly Designs on it (because I like dragonflies, but I forgot to take a picture of the cute tag). He assured me that, "You could totally sell those. After figuring out the cost of fabric and the time to make them, you probably wouldn't make any money, but you could totally sell them."

Real Christmas post coming soon, with pics of adorable children.