Monday, April 27, 2009

Social Butterfly

This past week has been busy!  I took Maddie to school and introduced her to all of the teachers and to my students.  She seems to have gained a whole new set of adoring fans!  

That same day she developed her first cold, and when she's sleeping or eating she sounds like an old man snoring.  Poor thing!

Yesterday we held a small open house to introduce our friends to Madeleine.  She did a great job of socializing!  However, once it was over she was done for the day.  And for the next day.  Being a social butterfly is seriously exhausting.

Today we went to the pediatrician's office for her one month visit.  Madeleine is now 9 pounds, 2 ounces!  She's gained a little more than an ounce a day since our last visit.  I swear there was one point when I fed her at 3am and then at 4am I was certain she had gotten bigger (but perhaps I'm just sleep deprived).

More pictures coming soon...

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