Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Gratuitous Cuteness

When we walked in the door all three kittens had to come over and check out Maddie.  Maggie was the most interested, Zoe really just wanted us to pet her, and Annie, of course, was scared.

I am so cute.

I used to be on the inside of mommy's tummy!

What a great place to hang out!

Bath time is, so far, traumatic.  Madeleine pulls the hood of the towel over her face as though maybe she can get away underneath it.  Much screaming ensues.

At work with Daddy already!

The cats have become a united front against their common attention-getting enemy!  We can't remember the last time they all laid on the bed together.

Tired but happy.  That about says it all!

Madeleine looks so much better now - she can wear yellow instead of being yellow!  And she loves her bouncer.


  1. She is GORGEOUS!!! I have a helpful hint for bathtime - use a washtowel that has been dipped in warm bath water to lay on her bottom half while you wash the upper and the upper half while you wash the bottom. We had that same issue with Brady until we figured out that the little guy was cold. Hopefully it helps your little angel too.

  2. Oh, so pretty in pink! What a cutie! Ken and I especially love the picture of Maddie & Dakota in his office. You can really get a perspective of how tiny she really is right now! So, sweet . . .

  3. So much fun to see all these pictures. She's so sweet! I also love the one of Maddie and Dakota at work. She seems to be studying the screen-either learning computer code or reading her dad's email. Thanks for sharing all those pictures!

  4. What a BABYDOLL! She is completely adorable! I can't wait to see more pics.

    So glad she likes the bouncer! ;)


  5. Dear Amy and Dakota. What a beautiful baby girl! Congratulations! Joanne Uhlman