Monday, April 13, 2009

Back to Black

And she's back up to birth weight!  Yay!  (I suppose I shouldn't reference my daughter's weight gain by the title of an Amy Winehouse song, but, eh). At our appointment with the pediatrician on Thursday, Madeleine was back at 7lbs, 6oz - she had gained 8oz. in 8 days!  Whoohoo!  The pediatrician seemed impressed that she gained that much just being breastfed, so I feel great about Maddie and my progress in that realm.  So of course, today she's past her birth weight...and I believe we've officially moved into the 0-3 clothes.  Here are a few shots of Maddie in some of the newborn onesies:

It's a bit order for her to wear her tree hugger onesie yesterday so I could get a picture, she had to be in a disposeable diaper...her cloth dipes were a bit too big for the onesie to snap shut!

She's laying in her crib  in this shot, and about 30 seconds after I took the picture she spit up all over  the bedding.  She hasn't slept there, but we've now rewashed the  sheets!

Our little thinker!

Look at those chubby little legs!  I love them!

Maddie also lost her cord, so we were able to give her an immersion bath instead of a sponge bath.  As we began to lower her into the warm water, her eyes opened wide, she knitted her eyebrows together, and she lifted up her legs so they wouldn't get wet.  Slowly she relaxed and we even got a few smiles out of her!  

Notice the little belly button?  So cute!

Now we're off for some more feeding and a walk.  Up next?  Maddie's working on holding up her head and pushing herself up with her arms while on her tummy!  Pics to come, of course.

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  1. Those are the sweetest pictures!