Sunday, August 5, 2012

Merry Christmas in Julaugust!

It's our 4th year celebrating Christmas in July, but with buying a house and packing up, we didn't manage to celebrate until August. Oh well, it's the spirit of the thing that counts, and we have plenty of spirit! DSC_0063

We started the day at the I Run Colorado 5k. We think if there had been a stroller division we would have fared pretty well. Our time was 30:46, though Garmin tells me we ran 3.25 miles rather than 3.1 (we were on the far outside edge with the stroller...that adds up!). It was my fastest 5k time ever (I wasn't the one pushing the stroller!) and we all had a great time running and cheering each other on (though apparently the kids didn't want to be photographed)!
DSC_0067 DSC_0073

Once the 5k was over, it was time for the REAL race! Maddie competed in her first race EVER today, a 1/2 mile kids run! There were a lot of pre-race kisses, fist bumps, and a little pep talk. She was pumped (but a little nervous). DSC_0087

And they're off! DSC_0105

Gavin and Maddie started the race together...holding hands. I thought I was going to die when I saw this. DSC_0106

Seriously? They're too cute.

...and Gavin's race was over.

But Maddie was on fire! She worked those little 3 year old legs as much as she could!

She even left Mommy in the dust for a while.

But after the 1/4 mile turnaround, she was really feeling it. She was tired and wanted to be carried, but she dug deep and crossed the finish line on her own two feet! There was no blood, but there were definitely sweat and tears.

Lots of kids that were running at her pace had turned around early, and we were so proud of her for sticking it out! After she crossed the finish line, she went to collect her medal (which Mommy had told her about in advance - silly Mommy) only to learn they'd run out. She was so sad - she just sobbed into my shoulder and cried, "I want my medal!" I promised her Mommy would get her a medal and tears pooled in my eyes because my beautiful, strong baby was so proud of herself and yet so disappointed at the same time, and there was nothing I could do about it.

Then, Devyn Kercher, #292 and the 2nd place finisher in her age group, came up to me and told me that she wanted to give her medal to Maddie. The tears that I'd held back poured down my face because this just meant SO MUCH to Maddie and so, it obviously meant a ton to me, too. To have someone step up and give away her (hard earned! She ran that 5K in 23:26!) medal to a sad little three-year-old who crossed the finish line dead I'm crying now just thinking about it. And this is just another reason that I love this sport - the people are the best and I want to raise my kids knowing that! Thank you, Devyn, for making Maddie's day.

No Olympian has looked more proud.
It was a great start to our 4th annual Christmas in JulyAugust. Presents and a special dinner, still to come!