Sunday, April 19, 2009


Everything seemed more manageable and less overwhelming this week, from feeding to cloth diapering to dealing with less sleep and even with little household chores - it's all just starting to feel more doable.  I even vacuumed and made cookies while Maddie hung out in her sling!

We haven't noticed anything that makes us say, "Oh, she's got your nose," or "Awww, she has my smile," but we have decided that she and her Dad both have the same response to hunger - extreme grumpiness.  Madeleine also seems to have inherited my patience level, so when she's hungry, she's hungry NOW!!!! and she's a grump.  A cute grump, but a grump nonetheless.  While it's not terribly endearing to hear her screaming about all of this, it's neat to see her little personality emerging.