Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ta Da!

We had a big weekend, followed by an even bigger day today!  First, Madeleine discovered that she has hands!  She stared at them in confused fascination and watched them move.  We were spellbound.

After an exciting morning of hand watching, Madeleine got to meet my friend Heather on Saturday, but I wasn't coordinated enough to get a picture.  Then Maddie had just enough time to eat when Uncle Jeff and Aunt Jenny arrived (they would like Madeleine to note that they were the first family to come visit her).Both Jenny and Jeff were a little nervous that maybe they were holding her the wrong way, but they were awesome and Maddie loved having them visit.  We did exciting things like watch Maddie, feed Maddie, change Maddie, and then we all went for a walk to the Baltimore Cupcake Company and indulged in some yummy cupcake goodness.  Fun was had by all.

In developmental news, Madeleine has been working on holding her head up for the last two weeks and doing little mini push-ups, which has impressed us (and our pediatrician) greatly.  

But today, she really outdid herself.  I mean, really.  See for yourself.

At first, Maddie was just hanging out with Zoe.  They seem to be becoming friends, or Zoe has figured out that in order to be in pictures she needs to do cute stuff with Madeleine.

Then Daddy put Madeleine on her stomach...and she began to do her little push-up while Zoe looked on...

then she pushed herself onto her side...and then...

ta da!

Yes, that's right.  Our preemie baby who was supposed to be born TODAY and who is only four weeks old rolled over.  We were both there to see it, and that reminded me of how grateful I am that Dakota works at home and that I'm going to stay home to raise our little girl.  I wouldn't want to miss moments like that for anything.


  1. That is impressive. My niece is 4 months old and she's not really rolling over yet.

  2. Yea! That is so cool! And I actually had my camera with me on Saturday and forgot all about it. Go figure.

  3. That's awesome! Happy 1 month anniversary!