Friday, January 20, 2012

On Finding Friends

We went to the WOW! Museum today to meet some new people (and hopefully make friends) and enjoy all the offerings there, but alas, it was no Terra Haute Children's Museum, and we didn't really succeed in making friends, either. Everyone we met already knew each other and it wasn't really an environment conducive to getting to know anyone. What a start to a blog post, right? Sorry. The kids had fun, even if it was a bit of a fail in my book.

DSC_0009Riding this car was Maddie's favorite part of the day. She can ride the ponies for free at the grocery store, but apparently, the car is infinitely better. Gavin was not that thrilled, though his big sister insists it was his favorite part of the museum, too.

DSC_0018He did get a kick out of the train depot.

DSC_0019The two of them gave me a lot of free tickets to ride the train, but it never pulled into the station.

Despite the presence of other children, Maddie and Gavin pretty much just played with each other, though Gavin did meet this handsome little boy, and as you can tell by the fistbump, they became fast friends.


  1. Maddie the car does look like fun and I can tell you are a great driver! Looks like Gavin likes selling tickets for the train. I love train rides.
    Love you all!

  2. Sorry your attempt at meeting friends was a bust. That truly is the hardest part about moving. I was miserable in Baltimore for my first 2 years, so much so that I was looking to leave, until I finally met all our great friends. I hope you guys find a way to connect with other people soon.

  3. So I know this was a while ago but have you ventured over to the Denver Children's museum yet? Maybe we can schedule the group to go down soon? Barrett keeps asking to go to the museum we have to drive to. Not the one we can walk to (which is the lafayette one) So cute. (ps. I totally feel a little stalkerish)