Thursday, January 19, 2012

A Day at the Park


We went to the park with our B'more to Boulder friends today because it was absolutely glorious outside.

I seriously cannot get over how wherever you go, there are mountains. This may seem ridiculous, but it's so fun to look up from the park/grocery store/traffic jam/whatever and see mountains. Even the mundane becomes a moment with God.

And here's super sweet smiley baby Gavin moments before he slipped and cut his mouth open. There was bleeding and crying, but fortunately, we hang out with pediatricians who assured us he was ok. And he was. Poor little daredevil.

Tomorrow we're heading to the WOW Children's Museum to meet up with some other parents and kids from a parenting forum I found here in Colorado. Maddie is so excited to meet people. I've told her we have friends out here that we just haven't met yet, and she is desperate to know when we'll meet them. We're awful friendsick, but it sure was nice to see familiar faces today!


  1. We miss you Baileys!!!! Nate sends Maddie hugs and kisses:)!

  2. lMaddie's having such fun swinging! Gavin's just having a blast. Looks like nice weather.