Monday, January 16, 2012

Adventures in Botany

We're settling in and starting to explore! Today we went to the Denver Botanic Gardens (it was free, of course - gotta love these free museum days).

Maddie's favorite flower was the pink orchid (and she wanted to make sure I put that in the blog post).

Gavin loved being free to roam and explore - it was like being outside, only warmer.

Though it wasn't actually that cold out, so we explored the outside gardens, too. Can you tell he was pretty pleased with himself? Oh, the coordination! The skill!

There wasn't much to see in the gardens outside, given that it was winter, but that didn't bother the kids in the slightest.

DSC_0099Maddie was absolutely engrossed with an indoor waterfall. (Look how big she's getting! It seems impossible that she's almost three.)

DSC_0104(A better picture of said waterfall.)

DSC_0024I love this red fuzzy flower. Clearly, that's its scientific classification - I mean, I'm almost an expert after visiting the Botanic Gardens.

DSC_0107These two are amazing.

And I love getting to explore the world with them.

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  1. Wow another blog post! I feel very lucky. Tell Maddie that I think that pink orchid is beautiful too. I do like the red fuzzy flower as well. Looks like you guys had another beautiful day of Colorado exploration! They both are getting soo big. Looking forward to seeing them before too long.