Wednesday, September 28, 2011

We're Baaaaack!

The car ride went about as well as we could have expected. It was not without tears and drama, but everyone was doing better after we stopped at this children's museum in Terra Haute, Indiana. It is THE BEST Children's Museum!

When we came in, they told us there was a seat at the water table for babies. We did not understand that the seat was IN the table and the water table would then be surrounding the baby! Gavin stayed in there until he was absolutely freezing, but he had a blast.

Dakota went off to find a bathroom and next thing I know, he's over playing in the bubbles. Literally. In the bubbles.

Maddie climbed up to the top of the beehive climbing structure (we were so impressed! That is definitely outside her comfort zone!).

And I know sometimes nursing wears me out, but seriously, this is impressive. And I was thrilled that the museum would have such a cool exhibit, especially since people sure seem to get uptight about breastfeeding. Apparently it's cool for piglets, but less cool for human babies, given the stares I get sometimes. But I digress.

While I don't have pictures, Dakota might consider me remiss in my blogging duties if I don't tell you that the museum had air guns, a paper airplane launcher, and enough K'nex to build a gazillion cars to race on the soap box derby-like racetrack, which he and Maddie did for a loooooong time.

After two days of driving (and a not-too-successful night at a hotel where Maddie very clearly explained that, "I don't want to stay at hotel. I want to go home.") we reached Wentzville, MO, and more importantly, the cousins! Maddie and Gavin had so much fun playing with Brady and Reagan, Ella and Eli!

Brady taught Maddie how to tummy swing.

Maddie and Reagan enjoyed some yummy frozen custard (Maddie ordered pink).

Baby Eli slept. Isn't he adorable?

Ella stuck pretty close to her mom for a while, though I love this smile she flashed me!

Dakota and Brady had some quality man time playing Mario Kart (I played, too. It was really hard...kudos to all of you who come in better than last place).

Gavin got in some playtime with Maddie and Reagan. He just wanted to be included!

And the girls got a little crazy together.

My favorite part of the kids playing together had to be when they were all playing in the leaves. The absolute joy on their faces was beautiful. Have I mentioned I want a yard?



And that was just the first three days of the trip! We took over 1100 photos on this journey (and we schlepped through 10 states!) so I'll do another highlight post with our visits with the Grandparents soon. I'd say tomorrow, but soon is probably more accurate.


  1. It's such fun to see the children's museum pictures. Great job climbing to the top of the hive, Maddie! Love to see all the outdoor fun kid pics.
    Grandma Jean

  2. I totally want to play in the Children's museum! Having a child will be the perfect excuse :)