Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Sky's the Limit

Madeleine went on her first plane ride to Omaha in September.  She did a pretty good job on the plan, if i do say so myself!  There were a few rough moments, but overall it wasn't as bad as we knew it could be.  I packed a bag full of toys - one for each hour - but she was thouroughly entertained with Jacques the Peacock, her car toy, the entire time.  No need for any other entertainment...he really fit the bill.  We almost lost him in St. Louis, but disaster was averted by Daddy, who asserts that Jacques almost lost himself.  When she wasn't playing with him or eating, she was fast asleep by the window. 

And yes, if you look closely, that is a drop of drool hanging off her chin.  Through trial and error, we've learned not to wipe Maddie's face if she's happy or asleep.  A little drool never hurt anyone.

Once in Omaha, Maddie was showered with attention and gifts!  She loves these blocks - they can entertain her for hours!

Maddie spent a good deal of time playing with Grandma and Grandpa Bailey - Grandma even bought Maddie a super pumpkin so she wouldn't miss her pumpkin at home!

Aunt Katrina played with Maddie at the bead table and boy did they have fun!  Madeleine desperately wanted to pull herself up to standing, but she was soooo tired she just couldn't quite make it up by herself.   

It was really cold in Omaha (compared to Baltimore!) so we had to go shopping for a coat and hat before we came to visit.  She looks so cute all dressed up for the cold weather!

The visit wasn't without drama for Miss Madeleine - sleeping was a bit rough what with being in a new place and all.  Much baby carrying was required - Maddie even helped Mommy brush her teeth while she was being carried!

Now we're back home and after a quick Thanksgiving trip up to New York, we plan to hibernate at home for the winter.   

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