Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Happy Halloween!

For Halloween Madeleine was a kitten.  We felt this was completely appropriate, but she wasn't that thrilled with it.  We took a shot of her in part of the costume when we first got it, and really, this is the best picture.  Most of the real shots from Halloween show her as a very sad, tearful kitten.

Getting dressed for her first Halloween party, with the traditional kitten spoon accessory:

...amost dressed and still smiling...

now for those kitten paws and the kitten'll see the problem with that...

and this is about as happy as she looked in that getup...mostly she was just crying or on the verge of crying...We did get some more photos the next weekend on Halloween...I safety pinned the face part so it didn't cover her eyes.  Less crying ensued, but she was still just pretty happy to get out of the costume!  Next year, we'll go with a princess theme.  We think she'll like that better.


  1. I love the feet paws. Those are hysterical.

  2. Poor thing! She's so cute, though. She'll appreciate that later.

    We're so glad your back. You've been in our prayers.


  3. Ok. So I see why she didn't like it. I'm sure it's not near as cute from the inside as it is for us looking at her!

  4. What a cutie! I love the costume. I can see why Maddie was a little irritated with it but it was totally worth it for a few pictures.