Wednesday, November 4, 2009

At the Farm

I wanted to get some good pumpkin patch picture with Maddie, so we headed out to Weber's Cider Farm.  They have great cider, but not too many spots for Kodak moments.  Good thing, because our camera died just minutes into the trip.  We did manage to snap this one though, and it's a keeper: 

The farm didn't really have a pumpkin patch, so Maddie picked a little pumpkin off the table and this became her new favorite toy...until it started to rot from all of the slobber she shared with it.  And she's wearing a cute little bow that my cousins made her!  Isn't it sweet?

After our first failed attempt at finding a pumpkin patch, we headed out to Larriland Farms.  It was awesome!  Madeleine was all smiles the entire time we were there.  She was quite impressed by all of the pumpkins.

Fun was had by all (and Mom and Dad enjoyed some very tasty sweet potato fries and fudge).  We headed home with more apple cider and a sweet and tired out baby.


  1. "cute little bow" - little?! that is one HUGE bow! but it is totally adorable :)

  2. Yes. What a cute and adorable bow....can't wait to send you the next lot to include a Christmas pom-pom korker bow. What's that you ask? Time will tell ;)