Sunday, April 3, 2011

3 Day Potty Training w/ Lora Jensen - Day 3

I could have titled this post lots of things. Titles like "Epic Failure" and "Willful Child" and "Puddlemania" come to mind.

After all of the success yesterday, Dakota and I were a little taken aback when Maddie decided to not tell us EVER when she actually had to go. There was a lot of us running her to the bathroom mid-pee, but it was all over by the time she was seated.

So the 3-day method? Not so much an overall success with us. Both of my cousins had great results in 3 days...while we're now looking for what to do next.

We're using pull-ups at night and for naps because she's absolutely not ready for either of those to be diaper free, but we're not ready to head back to diapers. She can do this - she HAS done this - but for some reason she is willfully not participating. It's like lots of milestones in her life...she rolled over, then didn't do it again for months. She went on the swing joyfully, then wouldn't do it again for a year. She took two steps, then took none for another month and a half. So maybe this will be the same way...but that's a lot of puddles between now and whatever future point she decides to exercise this newfound knowledge.

So, if you have tips on how to proceed, leave them in the comments. I'm all ears!


  1. Tomorrow maybe she'll wake up in a different mood. She may really crave M&Ms.

  2. I've just started my little boy on the 3 day method. How did you get on in the end ?