Saturday, April 2, 2011

3 Day Potty Training w/ Lora Jensen - Day 2

Today was a much more successful day for Maddie! All day she told us when she had to go (her actual words are "Poopy again, too" - not sure how that came about, as she is definitely not referring to poop...), we ran her to the bathroom...and she went! Sometimes just a teeny little bit, sometimes a lot more!

There were some small accidents on the way (but no puddles!) and she is getting much more confident. We also discovered she likes a little privacy (she shuts the door and says "Privacy!" - good thing she doesn't know I'm blogging about this) and that seems to help her go. She also loves getting m&ms after she uses the potty (and she tries to finagle chocolate out of us just for sitting there, but we aren't that easily duped).

The best catch was when she looked at me and said in a slightly panicked voice, "Poopy again!" and we rushed to the bathroom. She said "Privacy" and shut the door rather forcefully, so I went to the kitchen for a moment. When I came back, she was standing next to her very full little potty and pointing, saying, "Chocolate, chocolate." It was great. She got two m&ms for that one.

We're definitely not potty trained yet, but today was very much a success in my book (though I think we're going a little stir crazy from being stuck at home!). Naptime and overnight are still hit or miss. Ok, they're mostly miss, but we'll keep trying and if it doesn't work for her, we'll do something else. Those princess pullups are awful tempting for all of us...

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