Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Tot School

Lately I've been looking for educational activities for Maddie that would add some structured fun to our day, but I really hadn't found what I was looking for. Then I learned about Tot School. One click later and my old teacher juices were flowing! I began making plans for Maddie's Tot School, and I ordered supplies to begin our homeschooling journey.

The very next day, Maddie started sorting her felt french fries, crayons, and real pretzels into various containers, then played with some Eco Dough and actually mixed the colors without getting upset, and finally, began stacking towers. That last point is huge, because Maddie's NEVER been into stacking anything. I felt like she was screaming, "I'm ready for Tot School!"

Then I got out some blocks we haven't played with in a while (because she just knocked down my towers and would then insist on putting all the blocks away)...
...and she built more towers!

While we waited for our new goodies from the educational supply store to arrive, I took some Valentine's and hid them around the house and then had her find them. She had a blast! Later Daddy got in on the fun by hiding the cards in more challenging places, too.

Today the box from Discount School Supply arrived! Maddie and I were both very excited.

Maddie just HAD to have some of it opened, so we chose to open a bag of alphabet beads. I showed her how to string them onto laces and pipe cleaners and she was thrilled. I promised her we'd do more soon. Hopefully tomorrow I'll have her February sensory bin ready. "What's that?" you say! Come back tomorrow and find out...there will even be ways that YOU can help!

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