Saturday, February 5, 2011

Getting Schooled

Our first week of Tot School was a huge success! Maddie had a great time and Mommy feels like her old teacher self!

We only had two trays this week, but the beans were definitely her favorite. There's something very satisfying about pouring beans from one cup to another...

She spent time with the alphabet beads, too. Getting the beads onto the laces or pipe cleaner took a lot of concentration!

Puzzles have never been Maddie's strong suit - they have always frustrated her. This week, she decided she wanted to do some, and by do some, I mean immediately put the pieces exactly where they were supposed to go. Dakota and I were shocked!

Her favorite part of this week was probably the sensory bin.

She had a blast exploring all of the different items in the bin.

She was especially fond of putting the lima beans into the heart-shaped containers.

And she even shared the sensory bin with Fiona! The two of them made a huge mess were very creative with all of the materials!*

*Note to self: dyed rice looks and feels very cool, but is a pain in the butt to clean up!


  1. Reason 116 why I wish I lived close to you....Amy has super cool learning time at her house that I wish I could use/share.

  2. Fun to get to see her at work and love the new looks to your blog.

  3. The sensory bin looks like fun. I think I want my own. Maybe I'll go play with my material.

  4. Love it! We will definitely be making a sensory bin, here, too! And the blog looks awesome!!!