Monday, July 5, 2010

The Sorting

Today Maddie and I went through The Sorting.  It didn't result in her being placed in Gryffindor (or, shudder, Slytherin!), but it did end with us finding about 4 newborn jammies, 3 0-3 month jammies, and an outfit and pj set in the 6-9 month range that were not highly feminine.  She helped me look through the bags and boxes of stored clothing, pulled things out and said, "This?" to the pink ruffled shirt, the flowery dress, and the yellow shirt covered in pink cupcakes.  "Those are nice, but maybe not for little brother."  Whereupon, she would drop them on the floor unceremoniously and return to searching for suitable clothing.  

After all of our sorting (and the kind of happy/sad "awws" over all of the absolutely adorable and completely pink clothing she wore that no other little girl of mine will wear), we had a little pile of clothes that will stay.  I'll go through the clothes again (with a little less help) and pick out my favorites that I want to (someday, in my free time) turn into a memory quilt of Madeleine's first year, but the rest will be passed on to other mommies and their little girls, though I'm not sure anyone will look quite as adorable as Miss M in them.


  1. A memory quilt is a great idea!! I haven't been able to part with any of my girls clothes, but I know keeping everything is irrational, I might have to make a quilt too!

  2. I'm glad that you had good help and that your help did not end up in Slytherin!