Sunday, July 25, 2010

Christmas in July

After we woke up, we decked ourselves out in holiday jammies before heading downstairs to open presents.DSC_0100

Maddie was still a bit sleepy, but was definitely surprised to find a new kitchen and dishwasher in her play area! She wasted no time in getting to work on some laundry.DSC_0106

We all opened the rest of our presents and Maddie was much more interested in tearing off the paper this time than she was during December Christmas!DSC_0131

Later in the day, Dakota made an amazing Christmas feast (turkey "thing" with stuffing and mashed potatoes!) and we were joined by our neighbors for a lovely Christmas dinner.

It was a fabulous day and a great start to a new (and quirky) family tradition.


  1. What about the candy???!

  2. You guys are too funny. I love it! Although I can't imagine putting on those flannel pj's in this heat. Ugh!

  3. Oh, there is candy! It has to live in the fridge, though. Maddie loves it - she stole a piece and then ran away, with chocolate melting all over the place.

  4. We took the pj's off as soon as we were done opening presents. It was 7am, so not too bad. But there was no way we were lounging around in those!

  5. I LOVE this idea! What a fun tradition. :)

  6. That sounds like so much fun! And she is just adorable with her new toys.