Thursday, April 1, 2010

New Baby

No, no, it's not what you think. We are NOT pregnant. But, we do have a new baby. You see, this past year has been great and we've loved getting to know Madeleine. But she's kind of clingy and demanding, so we decided to try a more chill baby on for size. Meet the new Maddie:DSC_0253 
She takes great naps, can entertain herself, is super cute - the only drawback is that she stays up a lot later than old Maddie, so we may have to switch back.  


  1. BWAAAAAAHAYHAHAHAAAA! OK Seriously - where is she?

  2. Well new Maddie does look adorable, but now what happens to the old grandparents? Do we follow old Maddie or new Maddie? Maybe we can be grandparents to both. That sounds like fun.

  3. That's what we're missing at our house: a box!