Friday, April 30, 2010


IMG_2526Kubiando, friends!  And as any of our fairie friends know, you would respond heartily with, "Kubiando!" as we were taught at the fairie festival today!  We were told that Kubiando represents everything good and pure in the world, and we're all for goodness and purity, so...kubiando!

We were greeted by the Pocket Fairie, who had surprises for everyone!  (Maddie lost her fairie rocks somewhere at the fair...).IMG_2449

Then Ty and Sophie chased bubbles while Maddie looked on, slightly confused and concerned.IMG_2452

There were fairies big:IMG_2463

And fairies small:IMG_2508

Fairies playing instruments:IMG_2479(The instrument she is playing is called a Hang and the music is lovely, hypnotic, and calming.  The artist,  Janet Spahr, has a cd called Hang suasion and we purchased it to put the kids to sleep on the way home - it worked!).

And Maddie's favorite, fairies selling spoons:IMG_2498

While I thought we might leave with fairie wings or a fairie wand, we more appropriately left with a fairie spoon.  Maddie, naturally, was thrilled:IMG_2533

If you're local, check out the Spoutwood Farm Mayday Fairie Festival - it's a lot of fun.  Next year, we'll be better dressed for the occasion.

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  1. WOW that looks like so much fun!! I've wanted to go to a ren faire for the longest time, but there are never any close to where I live. I love faeries. Looks like Maddie had fun. She's so cute.