Saturday, December 19, 2009

A New York Thanksgiving

As Maddie already told you, we went to New York City for Thanksgiving to visit her amazing Aunt Jenny and Uncle Jeff (and cousin Sienna?).   While Jenny and Jeff were happy to see us, Sienna seemed a bit bummed:


But Maddie had a great time playing with all of us!  Jenny and Jeff have some cubes that made a very fun toy, and Maddie was sure to bring her own wooden spoon (though I think Jenny and Jeff would have shared one, I'm just not sure it would be the same as her own).

Cool Cube Untoys

Jeff, Maddie, and the Spoon!

Jenny, Maddie, and the Spoon!

A dress and a spoon!

We went shopping in Brooklyn and got Maddie a cute ball that looks like a lady bug and her first baby doll...who turned out to be an anatomically correct little boy.  Excellent.

Maddie with The Doll

Can you spot the spoon?

We had a great Thanksgiving meal with amazing food (and oh so much of it!) - but we were so focused on eating that we didn't snap any pictures.  Nom nom nom.  Maddie ate from her Totseat a lot, though!

Totseat in NY

The day after Thanksgiving we played a lot of Wii (wheeeee!) and Dakota traded Maddie for a Wii remote.  Jenny was pretty sure she got the better end of the deal.  When not Wii'ing, there was a lot of general lazing about.

Jenny, Jeff, Sienna, and Maddie

When that got boring (for Maddie, not for us) we took her on a chilly walk to the park where she met her first swing.  They got along famously!


On the way home, we hit a bit of traffic.  

traffic on the way home

We got to meet those parked in the cars around us, and we had the pleasure of entertaining Miss Madeleine for two hours on the New Jersey Turnpike.  Good thing we left on Saturday to avoid the traffic!  I got bored and was playing with the camera...until it died.

fun with the camera escapee?

bored child

All in all, it was a pretty wonderful Thanksgiving!  We hope yours was fabulous, too!

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  1. Seriously the picture of the cars on the turnpike is priceless. I am glad you got a picture of it before your camera died.