Saturday, June 27, 2009

Sling and Swaddle

I know I've been pretty scarce the last month, but I've been busy competing in the Sling and Swaddle Journey! 30 of us moms have been slinging and swaddling all month long, and twittering about our experiences of motherhood along the way. For someone who knew nothing about Twitter, I think I've come a long way in the last month. I never knew a hashmark (#) could be so useful! I can't really summarize the experience in 140 twittering characters, but I'll try and limit it to one blog post.

During this month I feel like I've become more conscientious in my babywearing. I enjoyed wearing Maddie before this contest, but I've learned so much more about the benefits of babywearing that I want to share it with everyone I meet! I used to think it would just make life more convenient (having two hands is something I used to take for granted!) but now I see it as this wonderful way both Dakota and I can bond and communicate with our baby, soothe her, and meet her needs.

I can see how addicting babywearing is, too, but at least it's a healthy addiction! I love my Hotsling for quick trips into the grocery store or for dinner out with friends, because it's so portable and the poppability (ease of getting Madeleine in and out) is fantastic. For longer walks I love our Beco Butterfly II, and for the shower (that's right - we've solved the baby-hates-the-bath dilemma with a sling) I'm quite smitten with our Kangaroo Korner Adjustable Mesh Pouch (a $25 Craigslist find!). I am quite certain that our baby carrier collection will continue to grow (surely I need a wrap, right? And a mei tai?).

I'm spreading the babywearing love, too! I've definitely convinced other people to try babywearing with these carriers and others (I should totally be getting a sales commission here) and I'm headed to a babywearing workshop next Sunday at Soft and Cozy Baby, a local boutique. I've invited the moms and babes in my Thursday playgroup to go to it, and hopefully I can organize a babywearing workshop in our neighborhood, as well. My cousin thinks I should open my own baby boutique, and while that sounds awesome, I think she just wants a discount on some cute slings! ;-) If you want a discount, use code TBWHS15 to save 15% at, or check out the clearance section at

As for the swaddling, we've been in love with our Miracle Blanket since Maddie was about two weeks old and started busting out of a traditional swaddle. For those of you who are wondering what a swaddle is, it's basically putting a baby straight jacket on your kiddo. It keeps their arms from flailing about and waking them up; it is truly the most amazing thing to watch Maddie go from screaming-angry-baby to calm-sleepy-baby in the Miracle Blanket. Sadly, she's starting to get big enough and strong enough to wiggle out of it, so now we have to start transitioning her to a sleepsack. As of this writing, the transition isn't going so great. Without the beloved Miracle Blanket, she won't go to sleep (I tried for about an hour and half last night and the night before - put the MB on her and she was asleep in minutes. If only she'd stop wiggling out of it...) So any hints on how we could get her to love the Halo Sleep Sacks as much as the Miracle Blanket are welcome! If you want a discount on one of these, go to and get 10% off one blanket or 15% off two. They call the second deal the Twins Special, but in my opinion, you need two, because when you lose one in the middle of the night to pee/spit up/some other bodily fluid, you'll want a second clean one.  This is seriously something every new parent needs.  It's our new go-to shower gift for pregnant friends. 

The month is drawing to a close, and while I've competed to the best of my ability (I've got 2,240 followers, have updated 763 times, and have loved the weekly #babywearing chats) I know there are a lot of other worthy moms!  Even if I don't win, I've had fun, met some great people, and become a babywearing advocate (I was already a Miracle Blanket junkie - anything that helps new parents got some sleep is priceless in my book!).  If you want to join up for the last few days of my journey, I'm Mom_07 on Twitter (but Mom 1 to Maddie!).


  1. She is a doll! I wish I would have known about the Miracle Blanket with my first - she could have really used it:) Thanks for all your hotslings help on Twitter (eclairemom)! Good Luck and I hope you win!!

  2. Thanks for the baby wearing info! And recommendations on slings. I will definitely try it!

  3. I have been thinking and I still totally think that you should open your open boutique. Plus, if you are willing to give discounts, of course I want them ;) You seem like a complete pro at all of this, I wish I was as good as you are on the first one - poor Brady was just a warm up for the second. Mommyhood - fits you well!! A+ is your grade that I give you. Good luck with the contest - I don't understand twitter but was able to at least give you one more follower. Do tell how it turns out.

  4. So you are offically my go-to mommmy when we head down the road of parenthood! I love all the great things you do and are using with Maddie! It was great to see you at church today - I really enjoyed the music, thanks!