Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Today we celebrate Dads and all that they do - the flying, the bouncing, the hugging, the cuddling - Dads are pretty awesome. I'll always remember dancing on my own Father's feet on Saturday mornings, and now I get to see a different perspective of Fatherhood. I love Dakota more than I can explain, and yet seeing him with Maddie brings out this whole other gush of emotions for him. So thank you to my husband, for being a wonderful Dad to Madeleine. Thank you to Rob, for helping to raise such a thoughtful and amazing guy, and thank you to my Dad, for taking the time to dance, to build, and to sing.

Today Dakota and Madeleine are featured in a UK blog dedicated to babywearing. Check it out at Calin Bleu. Aren't they cute? I sure think so.

And, there's a new diaper I'm dying to try. Yes, this belongs in the Father's Day post because they're running a Fathers' Day contest. If you're interested in winning a free diaper set, check out the Applecheeks Contest or visit the Applecheeks site to learn more. I love that name! (And if you win, you'll give them to me, riiiiight?).

Happy Father's Day!

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