Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Two Months!

Yesterday Maddie had her two month shots and was weighed and measured.  She is now 12lbs (80th percentile), 22.5" long (50th percentile), and has a head circumference of 39cm (50th percentile).  Her doctor says she's officially outgrown any preemieness (is that a word?) she had.  Whoohoo!

But those shots...oh my.  She was really fussy yesterday afternoon and evening, and nothing would soothe her.  When we got her to go to sleep, she slept for seven, yes, SEVEN hours!  I kept waking to check on her and make sure she was still breathing, and I finally woke her up to feed her because the child's never gone more than four hours without eating!  She ate a little, fell asleep, and woke up fussy three hours later.  Dakota tried to give her a bottle but she wasn't interested, and today has been a further exercise in patience as the fussiness has continued (though the sleeping has been replaced with marathon nursing sessions).  Oi.