Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Grandparents Part Deux

Grandma and Grandpa Bailey came to visit the second weekend in May, and though I'm sure they were in love with Madeleine before, there was no doubt that they adored her after meeting her in person!   (She does have that affect on people...)

We ate out for the first time at a little Mexican restaurant, and Maddie slept soundly in her Beco carrier while I dropped salsa on her head.  Don't worry, I cleaned it up.  

Throughout their visit my arms were uncharacteristically empty as Grandma and Grandpa were very eager to hold our beautiful little girl.

For my birthday, Grandma and Grandpa watched Maddie so Dakota and I could go out to dinner.  It was strange being away from our pint-sized wonder girl, but nice to enjoy dinner without worrying about her...too much.  We hope to continue to plan some quality together time by swapping babysitting services with our neighbors or taking advantage of the services of others who would like some temporary cuteness responsibility.  Anyone?  Anyone?

And now for some more cuteness.. 

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