Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Aunt Joanne

When we moved here we were welcomed by the open arms of Great Aunt Joanne and Uncle Fritz. Aunt Joanne's face lit up when she met Maddie and Gavin - she liked us, too, but Maddie and Gavin were definitely her favorites.

She loved that Maddie wanted to read on her sofa.

She was amused by us even as the kids ate up her sweets, spun in her chair, ran around the house, and caused general chaos wherever they went.

In February, Aunt Joanne joined us all for a trendy breakfast at Snooze in Boulder, and afterward she took Maddie for a ride on her lap in the wheelchair, which Maddie thought was the best thing ever.

That day as Fritz and Joanne pulled away in their car, Maddie began to cry, "I miss Aunt Joanne." We told her not to worry, that she'd see her the next weekend. And she did, and she loved it.

But I don't know what to tell her now. We'll all miss you, Aunt Joanne. Your feistiness, your laughter, your ready smile, your hugs. We'll all miss you.


  1. Wow! Beautiful post Amy. Thanks

  2. So sad, but you gave a wonderful tribute.

  3. Praying for strength Joanne's family and for you as you answer the difficult questions Maddie will have.