Saturday, December 31, 2011

We Loved You, Baltimore

It's the last day of the year, and our last day in Baltimore. I can't really bid this city a proper farewell. It's the place I've called home for my entire adult life, it's the people I've met who've become my family; Baltimore is a part of who I am. So I can't say goodbye because I'm taking a little bit of it with me, hon.


Today is the last "last" in a long line of "one last time". Tomorrow brings with it a new year, a new home, and more firsts than I know what to do with.

We loved you, Baltimore!
Every day was like an open door!
Every night a (loud) fantasy
Every sound was like a symphony...

We loved you, Baltimore!


  1. It's the last day you call Baltimore home...I certainly hope it won't be your last day in Baltimore, ever! Remember, we always have a place for you all to stay.

  2. I think I "get" the hon comment - I saw an episode of the Hon diner - where she "gave back" the copyrighted phrase that what you're doing, or is that Baltimore talk that you were just throwing in there? Either way...I know you are sad to go, but excited to start the next part. Love you and hope you're enjoying Colorado already.

  3. Great Bailey Baltimore pictures! We've enjoyed getting to know Baltimore while you were there too. Looking forward to the Colorado adventure now.

  4. Kristin, oooh she's a whole can of worms to herself! "Hon" seems to be as old as Baltimore and is totally part of the Baltimore vernacular (or "Bawlmerese"). Whiting decided to copyright it and really pissed everyone off. We went to Cafe Hon after Ramsey was looked better but we were not impressed with the food or service (still). When did the episode air? I'm dying to see it!