Thursday, November 10, 2011

South Mountain Creamery

All of these showings have us heading out of the house a lot, and the kids do better if we have a destination in mind. Dakota found out that a visit to South Mountain Creamery includes a chance to bottle-feed a off to the creamery we went!

DSC_0032In fairly typical Maddie fashion, she first picked out her favorite baby cow.

DSC_0062But then, she was too afraid to feed any of the cows, so Gavin stepped up to the plate bottle.

DSC_0064After watching for a while to be sure it was safe...

DSC_0086Maddie joined in the fun (only to get bonked on the head by a calf that jostled her milk bottle a little too aggressively).

DSC_0102.2Fortunately, this creamery also has amazing blue ice cream with sprinkles (the actual flavor is completely irrelevant to a 2-year-old) and it comes in an adorable kid-sized cone. It really doesn't get much cuter than this.

DSC_0112Though this is pretty darn cute, too. Gavin got his first taste of ice cream, and it was definitely love at first taste. Forget the apples. Bring on the ice cream.


  1. I thought Maddie just ate pink ice cream! I guess it's good to branch out. And the ice cream looked really good with her shirt.

  2. What a fun adventure! I'm also surprised that Maddie didn't go with the pink ice cream :)