Thursday, August 11, 2011

Baby Accent

Maddie has been demanding a "New blog post, Mama!" Really. So, here it is, and she LOVES your comments. LOVES them ("Read it again, Mama!"). So leave some for her, mmmk? Then we will all have done our part for that demanding little cutie. ;-)

DSC_0164Maddie is growing up so fast. This week, she told me she's three. She told our friend Alex she's four. She's wrong and is still only two, but she's right that she is growing up really fast.

One of the things that's changing is her language. She's constantly adding new words to her vocabulary, and she's started to drop the baby accent on some words we find incredibly adorable.

DSC_0029When Gavin first came home, she called him Ganyan. Then it turned to Gagin, which we've all adopted (and he responds to). But recently, she made a point of letting us know that she knows it's "Gavin" and that she can say it, even emphasizing the "v" - "Hey, GaVin!" She's reverting back to Gagin most of the time because she knows we think it's cute, but it's almost as though she's humoring us at this point.

DSC_0222She used to ask to be "upple" when she wanted to be picked up, but now it's just "up." I loved upple. She often requests "regurt and applesauce" for breakfast (or lunch or dinner), and she's a huge fan of the "Newtnons" her Uncle Tom introduced her to.

DSC_0054If something is frightening (and a lot of things are), she says it's "scurry, Mommy." When she hears the "sound of rain" she wants to go outside with her "umbooka" and play. On Tuesdays, she's always excited for "TiMOut!" While it sounds a lot like time out, which she does not enjoy, she's referring instead to Toddler Morning Out, which she loves because she gets to see her "fwens." When she's feeling lonely, she'll let me know she "needs Foma," her very best "fwen."

And then there's one of my favorites, "Hugatree." She started this on her own and we finally got some shots of it. While walking through the neighborhood, she often has to hug and kiss lots and lots of trees. "Hugatree, Mama!"

DSC_0482Yes, baby. Hugatree. And a mama, while you're at it - you're growing up so fast.


  1. I love the hug a tree thing. Seems like Maddy is going to grow up to be an environmentalist. She could totally be the face of some campaign.

  2. Great pics! running through the water's so much fun! leo loves it too.

  3. Please tell Maddie that I love her red balloon, her tutu, and her water shoes. Those are some of my favorite things too :-) Brady and Reagan both love, love, love balloons, AND glow in the dark braclets which we have extra to share with her when she visits next month. I also think that it's really neat that she loves tree so much. I love you Maddie and please tell GaVin that I love him too and can't wait to see your whole family when you visit me in Missouri!

  4. What great pictures of my favorite granddaughter!! The water fountain looks like such fun. We're really looking forward to seeing Maddie, Gavin, Amy and Dakota here in Omaha before too long.

  5. Thank you all for the comments! Maddie started to tell me what to say back to each of you, but it started to stress her out. She's so cute! She got out "Hi" to all of you then when I asked her what else she wanted to say, she got nervous, said "ummmmmmmm..." and then began counting. So, 6 to everyone!

  6. 6 to you, too, Maddie! The beater licking is just adorable. Tell Mommy to make more yummy treats like that.

  7. I am totally going to start calling umbrellas "umbookas"

  8. We still call Hot Air Balloons, Hair ott balloons and Mackenzie is 15. Some of those words you just can't let go of. Thanks for sharing your kids with us. It was nice visiting with you guys, again. Mackenzie, of course, adored entertaining Maddie