Monday, May 9, 2011

That Mom

I didn't get the Hopscout job. I think most of you already know this, seeing as it was the most public interview ever, and therefore, the most public failure I've faced in the job market. But I use failure only in the sense that I didn't get the job, and because the English language doesn't really have a word that describes weeks of competing, networking, posting, tweeting, and vlogging with other women who are also creative, talented, and hardworking followed by five of those women being hired...and fifteen others left a bit teary-eyed on Mother's Day (ok, I kind of thought that part was cruel), along with 200 other moms and dads who were cut during the first round. It was tough. It was tense. But it was kind of terrific.

Now it's over and I'm getting back to my real job - being That Mom. The mom who bakes her kids sweet potato fries, pulls out tot trays for preschool time, makes up songs, leads toddlers around the room like dinosaurs, and scrapbooks all the moments that matter. DSC_0012(Could he be enjoying those sweet potato fries any more than he is?)

Today I decided to make finger puppets for our trip to North Carolina, and so during naptime I pulled out my felt and created some super cute animals. I love being That Mom - the one with felt and googly eyes and a hot glue gun at the ready (that's right - I cheated and didn't even SEW these! Ha!). I already knew that I loved being That Mom, but "failing" at the Hopscout job reminded me of that all over again.

Dakota suggested I make a dragon (pink, of course) and I wasn't quite sure what a dragon should look like as a finger puppet. But I went with it and when Maddie got up from her nap, I showed it to her. Her face lit up and she said, "Pink! Dragon!" So I guess I did ok, or maybe her imagination and mine are pretty similar.

After the excitement over the pink dragon, she told me, "Make more! Make more, mama!" So after bedtime, I did just that (I mean, really, who could refuse such an excited request?).

So yeah. I'm back to being That Mom. I think I'm pretty good at it. And frankly, I would have been damn good as a Hopscout editor, but there will be something else that lets me be creative and snarky and pays me for it. Until then, there are a lot more art projects to complete, sand castles to build, and bubbles to blow. Because I'm That Mom.


  1. I long to be That Mom. Those finger puppets are brilliant, lady! You rock in my book. Sometimes missing one window means there's a huge door around the corner that will be wide open. Keep on inspiring That "Other" Mom out there!

  2. Amy, your videos were great and I honestly expected to see you in the top 5. You are right, is was my most public failure ever, too!

    Your finger puppets are adorable, good luck with everything!

  3. The finger puppets are even cuter than I pictured! Awesome!

  4. Amy, you were on my Top 5 list! And like Kristin, it was my most public failure ever, also. Just wanted to say that I think you are awesome, and you said it so well in this blog post - being a Mom is the best job ever!

  5. Amy you are amazing! I'm glad you haven't forgotten that - and you're right about just keep doin' what you're doin' because when I finally "let go" of constantly stewing about "what next" things started to flow. I should "stop using" quotes in random places, though. "Right?" I'm glad you're blogging so I can keep up on you being That Mom, which is the most sought-after position only you can do. :-)