Thursday, December 16, 2010


Grandpa Revenaugh, or Pop-Pop, as Maddie calls him, came to visit us last weekend. Gavin had a great time being held by Grandpa.

Maddie helped him open his suitcase...

...and found Elmo inside!!!

She was thrilled. She was also thrilled to teach Grandpa how to use his camera.

Apparently my Dad has gotten a little less anal about how lights and cranberries get put on the Christmas tree, so he made fun of me while I fretted over their placement (even though it's clearly HIS fault that I'm anal about it). Maddie and Gavin checked out my progress the next day.

It was a wonderful visit, though we all began getting sick while Dad was here. Hopefully we'll all be feeling better before the next visitors arrive!

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  1. I especially like Maddie studying Elmo's face. She's so cute!