Monday, September 6, 2010

For the Girl

Big changes are coming our way, but at least Dakota and I have an idea of what to expect. Poor Maddie has no concept of just how much her world is about to be altered. To help with that (maybe, a little), I decided to make her a couple of things so she can mommy with Mommy.

I made her a mei tai so that when I carry our new Baby Boy, she can carry her dolls, too. Of course, she picked out the fabric.

Can I even tell you how proud I am of this mei tai? It took a ridiculous amount of time to make, so we're hoping she loves it. I don't think she'll be into it until she sees me carrying the Baby Boy.

She's also getting a little nursing cover so she can nurse her dolls (of course, she chose this fabric, too):

For now, we're tucking these items away, ready for Maddie once the new baby is here, too. We're all getting very eager to meet him!


  1. Excellent handiwork!!

  2. You are so crafty! She will love these! Maybe wrap up the nursing cover and she can open it at the hospital. I always bring presents for the older sibling so they don't get jealous. :)

  3. These are SO awesome. I can't wait to see Maddie wearing her baby dolls.

    Also, she has excellent taste in fabric. :)