Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Madeleine the Inventor


Maddie desperately wanted to find a way to hold onto her sippy cup and push her walker. Putting the cup down was NOT an option. Smart kid - she figured out a way to have her sippy and walk around, too!

She's not yet walking on her own - still likes the reassurance of having something there - the wall, a chair, the couch, a toy... When she finds herself standing without assistance, a look of sheer panic crosses her face as she grabs wildly for something to steady herself, even though she doesn't need it! Definitely not a daredevil, and we're ok with that!


  1. She is so cute! And smart too. Does her walker give a good amount of resistance? Skyler has a walking toy, but I find it moves way too quickly for him, he just falls because it slides away from him before he has a chance to take a step.

  2. At first it moved too quickly for her so she often pushed it while she was on her knees instead of standing. She preferred her highchair and this wooden cube toy (that's not a walker but is heavy and has lots of resistance) at that point. This can still get away from her, but it also can be turned into a ride-on toy, which is neat.